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Reduce Slips, Trips, and Falls in 7 Minutes

Yesterday we looked at the huge costs (both in human suffering and money) of slips, trips, and falls. We saw how most of these accidents could be prevented through proper housekeeping and training, and we also touched upon the relevant OSHA standards. Today we’ll review some tips for preventing slip-and-fall injuries, and look at a […]

Back Up Your Back Safety Program with Feedback on Safe Lifting

Making sure employees lift safely and avoid back injuries is an ongoing process. Good training supplemented by frequent feedback is a winning combination. Let’s say there’s this workplace that is experiencing a high rate of back injuries. The safety manager knows that most of the injuries are a result of unsafe lifting. The company has […]

Got Safety Questions? Get Expert Answers

With so many safety concerns and so many compliance issues to deal with, tracking down answers to your questions can be a real chore. But not if you “Ask the Experts” at We’ll find the answer to any question you may have about workplace safety and save you the time and trouble of looking […]

4 Keys to H1N1 Flu Preparation

The CDC says that even if your community has not yet felt the effects of H1N1 influenza, you should plan for a flu outbreak this fall and winter, and be ready to implement strategies to protect your workforce while ensuring continuity of operations. Here are four critical recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and […]

No Slip and Fall Training? Get Real

Yesterday we looked at some do’s and don’ts for slips, trips, and fall prevention. Today we look at some recommended training to help keep your workers from adding to the sobering statistics. OSHA’s general industry walking and working surfaces standard doesn’t require any specific employee training or information. However, with slips, trips, and falls constituting […]

The ROI of Helping Workers Quit Smoking

Yesterday we looked at the costs and complexities surrounding workplace smoking, including increased healthcare costs and absenteeism, decreased productivity, the relative rights of smokers and nonsmokers, and inconsistencies in the number and length of breaks. Today we look at tips for limiting the impact of smoking on your bottom line, including the most important of […]

Keeping Workers Safe Outside of the Workplace

Yesterday we explored employers’ legal and moral obligations to minimize workplace violence. Today we’ll look at ways to prevent violence that can occur as employees arrive at or leave work, and at other ways to safeguard employees during the riskiest parts of their workday—the trips from home and back. BLR’s 7-Minute Safety Trainer recommends that […]