Safety Tips for Shift Workers

Shift workers pose special safety hazards. Here’s a list of strategies to make their working lives as safe and normal as possible. Tonight, when it’s dark and quiet and you’re looking forward to some well-deserved rest, give a thought to those not enjoying the same moment. That’s because some 20 percent of the workers in […]

Office Safety and Security: What Workers Need to Know and Do (Part 2)

Here are more common office safety hazards, and a training tool to make managers and workers aware of them, the first step to defusing the threat. In the seemingly calm environment of a modern office, it’s easy to forget that there are hazards. And that goes for managers as much as employees. However calm it […]

Office Safety and Security: What Workers Need to Know and Do

Offices are usually thought of as safe and serene, but in fact they are rife with risks. Two recent lists detail them, and explain how to avoid them. Although office environments lack the cutting, crushing, twisting or pounding machinery of industrial spaces, that doesn’t mean they’re are without risks … from both inside and outside […]

gasoline pump

Fuel for Thought: How to Handle Gasoline Safely

At any price, gasoline can hurt more than your wallet. This article offers employees gasoline safety tips to encourage safe handling of this necessary, but dangerous, product. National Burn Awareness Week takes place each year during the first full week of February. Although a summary of key safety points is available below, addition resources are […]

Pinchpoint Accidents: Tips for Prevention

Yesterday we told you where and why pinchpoint accidents happen. Today, here are ideas for their prevention. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of what are called “pinchpoint” or “caught-between” accidents. These are events in which a worker’s body is trapped between two surfaces, one of which may be moving with great force. Most examples include […]

Getting ‘Caught in a Pinch’ Can Be Fatal

Having your body caught between the moving parts of a machine is both terrifying and dangerous. Here are ideas OSHA and others have provided to prevent it. South Florida refuse collection truck mechanic Raul Figueroa was working on a truck when somehow the ram arm that lifts Dumpsters to the bin became actuated. The arm […]

More Simple, Powerful Safety Ideas … and a Tool to Audit Their Use

Here are more common sense, effective concepts, and a powerful tool to audit their implementation and assure better OSHA compliance. Yesterday’s Advisor offered a group of common sense, powerful safety ideas, suggested in part by safety blogger and consultant Mike Strawbridge of Cleveland, Tennessee. Among the ideas: Keeping your workplace clean; depending on machine guards […]

Blogger Suggests Simple but Powerful Safety Tips

Sometimes safety ideas are so powerful they bear repeating. That goes double when they’re simple to understand and implement … like these. If you think effective safety has to be complex and expensive, think again. We’ve found a safety thinker, consultant Mike Strawbridge of Cleveland, Tennessee, who uses mostly common sense to reach a safety […]

Do Your Trainers Need to be Trained?

For safety training to be effective, supervisors and managers conducting training have to be trained to train. Here’s what they need to know. 1. To train adult learners, trainers must understand and use these four key elements of successful employee learning: Motivation. Trainers must explain how the learning is related to trainees’ jobs and safety, […]

Staph/MRSA in the Workplace: An Epidemiologist Speaks

What answers does a CDC official have for your specific questions about staph and MRSA? Listen in on BLR’s special February 13 audio conference and find out. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of the staph problem currently affecting American workplaces. Though largely confined to healthcare facilities, studies show that staph transmission does appear to be […]