Category: EHS Management

Most Common RCRA Hazwaste Violations Concern Containers

  Failure to keep containers closed.  Inspectors often observe hazardous waste drums that have been left open during the entire work shift, or drums with open funnels. Failure to mark the accumulation start date on the container.  Generators accumulating hazardous waste on-site without a permit must be sure to clearly mark the date on which […]

What’s new in LID and green infrastructure for stormwater management

First, what is LID? It is a stormwater management approach that, unlike conventional stormwater management which focuses on piping stormwater away from a site to large centralized stormwater treatment areas, concentrates on controlling stormwater by using small, decentralized methods to treat stormwater close to the source. LID practices are innovative practices that manage stormwater close […]