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As today’s workplace becomes more complex, regulation of that workplace increases. In this section, you’ll find the practical advice you need to understand exactly what OSHA, other federal agencies, and their state counterparts, require of you, and to comply in the ways that best satisfy both your and their needs. Look also for important court decisions, advice on how to handle enforcement actions, and news of upcoming changes in workplace health and safety law.

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Field operations manual

No Time Limit for OSHA on Repeat Violations

Employers rely on OSHA’s Field Operations Manual (FOM) to better understand how OSHA inspectors will review workplace compliance, identify violations, issue citations, and propose penalties. But is OSHA actually legally bound to adhere to the procedures and standards described in the FOM? Apparently not, according a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the […]

EPA Offices, Washington DC

EPA Says Enforcement Is Down, but Cooperation Is Up

In early February 2018, the EPA released its environmental enforcement results for 2017. The data revealed shifts in emphasis, the number of civil and criminal actions initiated, and how the EPA views its own enforcement role in relation to enforcement undertaken by the states.

Safety budgets piggy bank

OSHA Budget Requests More Funding for Enforcement

OSHA has requested $212.7 million in funding for enforcement in fiscal year (FY) 2019, representing an increase of $6.1 million, or just under 3 percent, over the FY 2018 levels. However, the total requested budget for FY 2019 is identical to the 2018 level, meaning that the agency shifted requested money away from other areas […]

California flag

Worker Deaths: Federal Preemption Rejected by California Court

In a case against a company the Orange County district attorney said was responsible for the deaths of two employees, the Supreme Court of California found that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) does not preempt workplace safety standards established by the state’s own occupational safety and health agency (Cal/OSHA).


An Environmental Enforcement Roundup

Take a look at 11 recent environmental enforcement actions from around the U.S. and what was behind the various violations. Some of the penalties were steep—learn from other organizations’ mistakes to ensure your company isn’t the next one cited!

Asbestos Removal

Cutting Corners with Asbestos Removal Leads to Huge Fines

State regulators say a Seattle hotel owner who knew his building contained asbestos cut corners to save money by using untrained workers to remove it. As a result, the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), which runs the Washington state OSHA program, cited the business for multiple egregious safety and health violations and issued $355,000 […]