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Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) initiatives are only as strong as the people behind them. Meet some of the professionals who work hard every day to keep their organizations safe, healthy, productive, and compliant.

Faces of EHS: Megan Kirby on the Importance of Patience and Listening to Understand

When Megan Kirby joined Iowa-based Quaker Oats as a frontline Oat Supply Operator in 2010, she didn’t have any prior experience in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) field. Shortly thereafter, Kirby was tapped to lead her third shift’s team safety initiatives. It was this role that ignited her passion for the industry as well […]

Faces of EHS: For Samson Largo, When You Have the Right Passion, You’ll End Up in the Right Place

Growing up in Kaduna City, Nigeria, Samson Largo watched his mother, Azumi Largo, now a retired nurse, take care of people and help them in his or her time of need. Largo recalls that while she didn’t work in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) field, it was her passion that influenced and compelled him […]

Faces of EHS: Jade Nelson Talks Being Yourself and Letting Passion Drive You

Before Jade Nelson got her start in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) field, she always thought she would work in a private practice as a doctor, creating and maintaining a forward-thinking culture. One day, however, Nelson was invited to participate in a safety committee meeting at her job – and that’s when she had […]

Faces of EHS: Scott Gerard Talks the Importance of Helping People and Safety From the Very Beginning

Although Scott Gerard started in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) field as a fire medic, it was his continued interest in film that put him on the path he walks today. Gerard studied film and theater in undergrad and those skills came in hand when a friend who worked at GE Plastics asked if […]

Faces of EHS: Matt McDaniel Talks the Importance of Daily Challenges

Matt McDaniel got his start in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) field as a front-line worker on a packaging line. With a college degree in Elementary and Middle Level Education, he wasn’t prepared to work in a food manufacturing facility. “My first six months on the floor training and learning from experienced operators was […]

Faces of EHS: For Willie Sease, Passion and Safety Go Hand in Hand

Willie Sease got his start in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) field as an intern with The Heritage Group while completing his undergraduate studies at Indiana University Bloomington. The nearly year-long internship not only allowed him to apply the classroom knowledge he was learning in the field, but it also ignited his passion for […]

Faces of EHS: Kristy Wilson Talks Putting Integrity and Safety First

Kristy Wilson got her start in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) field by accident. While working as an office assistant for a small steel erection construction company, she was asked to take over the company’s safety program. “As they tried to bid high dollar subcontracts with the bigger construction companies, they were finding themselves […]

Faces of EHS: Heidi Lehmann Talks Kenzen and the Importance of Safety Technology

As a mobile technology and connected device entrepreneur, Heidi Lehmann, President and CCO at Kenzen, has spent most of her career working at various start-ups across the country. It’s no surprise, however, that she has spent the past six years working at the intersection of connected devices and industrial wearables. For our latest “Faces of […]

Faces of EHS: Laynnea Myles Talks Viewing Safety as a Value

For some people, doing the same thing over and over is insanity. For Laynnea Myles, however, repetition is the essence of learning. After more than 17 years in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) industry, Laynnea’s passion for EHS permeates her very being. It is no coincidence either that her life mantra, “Safety 1st, Safety […]

Faces of EHS: Safety is a Mindset for Brittanie Buckley

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, safety has been a priority for everyone more than ever before. For Brittanie Buckley, her safety intuition has guided her in the field which she has leveraged to help prevent injuries on worksites for 25 years. In this “Faces of EHS,” Buckley, EHS Manager for Pratt & Whitney Military Engines Aerospace, […]