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Ladder Safety Month: OSHA Standards to Know

March is National Ladder Safety Month, an observance organized by the American Ladder Institute (ALI) to raise awareness about ladder hazards and provide resources to prevent ladder-related injuries. Yesterday, we covered some key safe work practices for employees who use ladders. Today, we’ll review the basics of OSHA’s compliance requirements for ladders.


Mobile Robot Safety Is Moving into the Future

In 2007, a multicamera system called SafetyEYE was developed that monitored the work space around industrial robots, enabling them to adjust their behavior when a human worker entered their work space. The innovation made it possible for humans and robots to work together in a way that they never could before. In 2009, the first […]


Alliance Aims to Bring People and Robots Together Safely

Industrial robots come in two major types: fixed robots that work from a fixed platform and mobile robots that move around the workplace. Both kinds of robots can pose hazards to humans. For fixed robots, the hazard is typically controlled by physical guards that prevent humans from entering the robot’s swing radius or point of […]


Manufacturer Fined Over $600K Following Worker Injury

An Ohio manufacturer of cast steel freight components is facing more than $610,000 in proposed penalties after OSHA investigators found workers at a Groveport facility exposed to machine hazards and silica. One worker was hospitalized after suffering severe injuries when he was caught in a machine. At least four employees were exposed to excessive levels […]

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The Potential Risks of 3D Printers

The decreased cost and increased attention to three-dimensional, or 3D, printing has led to questions about the safety and potential health effects of these devices. New research published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene found that common filaments used in the printers can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the printing process. According […]