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8 Safety Strategies to Maintain a Secure Workplace in the Utility Industry

Wastewater, water, electric, and natural gas utilities expose your work-alone employees to a lot of risks and hazards every day. Electrical engineers and maintenance personnel usually work alone for extended periods of time on outdoor pumps, treatment plants, and high-voltage substations, which can be dangerous. Employees who work with toxic gases, chemicals, and other machinery […]

Safety report

AFL-CIO Report Highlights Worker Safety Concerns

Inaction by the Trump administration on rules to mitigate workplace violence is among the top concerns voiced by the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) in its 27th annual Death on the Job survey and report.


Tips for Hot Work Safety from the CSB

In a new fact sheet, Safe Hot Work Practices, the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) says that explosions and fires caused by hot work are among the most common incidents it investigates.

Hand washing

Cleanliness Is the First Step in Hepatitis A Protection

Cal/OSHA continues to warn employers and employees that the major outbreak of hepatitis A in parts of the state is ongoing and that California law requires that employers take measures to stop or reduce the spread of this highly contagious disease in the workplace. Most of the essential measures involve keeping a clean workplace and […]

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Trench Protection: A National Priority for OSHA

OSHA has announced that one of its priority goals for 2018 is to reduce trenching and excavation accidents. There appear to be solid reasons for doing so. In 2011, OSHA said that two workers a month were killed in trench collapses, and the picture has not improved.

worker climbing ladder

Ladder Safety Month: OSHA Standards to Know

March is National Ladder Safety Month, an observance organized by the American Ladder Institute (ALI) to raise awareness about ladder hazards and provide resources to prevent ladder-related injuries. Yesterday, we covered some key safe work practices for employees who use ladders. Today, we’ll review the basics of OSHA’s compliance requirements for ladders.

Worker climbing ladder

Ladder Safety Month: Prevent Injuries with Safe Work Practices

The American Ladder Institute (ALI) has designated March as National Ladder Safety Month, an opportunity to raise awareness and provide resources to decrease the number of ladder-related incidents. Kat Seiffert, marketing manager of the Chicago-based association, says the observance is in its second year and has garnered growing support from businesses and sponsors.

Fixed ladder

Fixed Ladders: Standards Change This November

November 19, 2018, is a key date for employers with existing outdoor fixed ladders that extend more than 24 feet (ft) above a lower level. Ladders that were erected before that date must be equipped with at least one type of device that protects workers from falling. Ladders erected after November 19, 2018, must meet […]