Category: Personnel Safety

Mitigating Workplace Hazards with Smart Facility Design

Workplaces of all shapes and sizes have potential safety hazards lurking around almost every corner. From slippery floors and poor indoor air quality to excessive noise and inadequate emergency preparedness, the number of employee safety and well-being risks is quite high.  Facilities managers everywhere have a duty of care to mitigate these dangers for the […]

EHS On Tap E173: Keeping the Focus on Safe Operations

On episode 173 of EHS On Tap, Langdon Dement, global EHS Advisor at Evotix, and Julian Taylor, Director of Sales Enablement at Evotix, talk about ensuring safe operations throughout your business. This episode is sponsored by Evotix.

How to Choose Cut-Resistant Gloves

By: Superior Glove, leading safety glove innovator Over a third of workplace hand injuries involve cuts and often occur because workers are wearing the wrong hand protection—or worse, no hand protection! Unfortunately, the countless options on the market can make it difficult to choose the right cut-resistant gloves. So, how do you select safety gloves […]

Wildfires and Infections: Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality

How is the air quality inside your offices or other facilities? Have you spoken recently with your building or facilities manager about your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems? Proper ventilation and air filtration can lower indoor concentrations of both infectious disease particles and particulate matter from wildfires, protecting your employees, customers, and visitors. […]

EHS On Tap E170: How AI is Transforming Safety

On episode 170 of EHS On Tap, Barry Nelson, founder and CEO of FactorLab, talks about how AI is transforming safety.

EHS On Tap E168: Mitigating Workplace Safety Risks

On episode 168 of EHS On Tap, Taryn Toic, Hygiene Team Lead at Aura Health and Safety, talks about mitigating workplace safety risks.

Cal/OSHA Conducting Targeted Heat Inspections

On July 12, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) announced it’s conducting targeted inspections to protect workers from heat illness during a heat wave forecast to affect parts of the state over several days. “Our team is out in full force, conducting targeted high heat inspections with a focus on construction, agriculture, landscaping, […]