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Training is the number one element in accident, incident, and illness avoidance. Check the articles here frequently for the latest and best tips on techniques, trends, programs and equipment. We offer explanations for group, one-one, or self-directed situations, in both general and specific work activities. Your training will be both easier and more effective if you do.

OSHA: Online Training Acceptable as Part of Overall Training Program

OSHA accepts the use of online or computer-based training in the context of a comprehensive, blended training program. The agency has provided ample guidance for employers in its rules and in many letters of interpretation for the use of a blend of online, classroom, hands-on, and site-specific resources and delivery methods to train workers in […]


Does Your eLearning Lack a Personal Touch?

Online training and electronic learning (eLearning) programs have a lot to recommend them. They’re inexpensive, compared to the cost of hiring a trainer, renting a room, paying for travel, and buying the equipment needed for live, in-person training. They’re always available, meaning that third-shift workers don’t have to lose sleep to complete their training. They’re […]


Is Your Online Training Provider Selling You a Bill of Goods?

It’s Cyber-Monday! Maybe you’re online today, buying Christmas gifts for your children, your family, and your friends. The Internet is so convenient! But if that’s where you’re buying health and safety training for your workers, be careful. You could be buying a product that’s missing some pieces, and that can ruin any purchase.


Developing Your Most Valuable Industrial Stormwater BMP: Employee Training

With all of the high-tech and innovative stormwater control gadgets on the market these days, facilities often overlook one of the most fundamental and affordable best management practices (BMPs): employee training. Most industrial stormwater permits require at least annual employee training, and it has become one of the most common and costly permit violations. In […]

active shooter

Active Shooter Training for Workers

An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms, and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.


Fall Protection Training for General Industry: Don’t Delay Compliance

With the implementation of many new federal rules delayed, under review, and even repealed by Congress, it’s easy to understand how employers could become lax about compliance with new requirements. But not all new rules are delayed or under review at this time, and affected employers should probably maintain an awareness of the rules whose […]


Join OSHA’s Stand-Down This Week to Stand Up for Safety

Deaths from falls are preventable. That’s the bottom-line message of OSHA’s Fourth Annual National Fall Prevention Stand-Down, taking place May 8–12. Join employers across the country in raising awareness that could lead to improved practices and fewer incidents.


Fourth Annual Fall Prevention Stand-Down Coming in May

On May 8-12, OSHA will hold its fourth annual National Fall Prevention Stand-Down. Aimed at raising awareness of fall hazards in the construction industry, OSHA describes the event as “an opportunity for employers to have a conversation with employees about hazards, protective methods, and the company’s safety policies and goals.” Keep reading to find out […]

Prevent violence

Four Key Tips for Workers When Confronted by Workplace Violence

Let’s say you have your workplace violence prevention plan in place, and you are conducting the training outlined in your plan. Part of the plan should include strategies for your workers to avoid harm. Here are four key tips to offer your workers should they be confronted with violence at your facility.