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Training is the number one element in accident, incident, and illness avoidance. Check the articles here frequently for the latest and best tips on techniques, trends, programs and equipment. We offer explanations for group, one-one, or self-directed situations, in both general and specific work activities. Your training will be both easier and more effective if you do.

Shift Work Risks: Stick a (2-Pronged) Fork in Them

Yesterday we looked at the safety hazards posed by the end of daylight saving time, which concludes at 2 a.m. Sunday. If a 1-hour time change can increase safety concerns, imagine the risks faced by shift workers, who work odd and often changing schedules. Today we’ll look at tips for keeping these workers healthy and […]

Q&A About Safety Training Icebreakers

Today our Safety Training Tips editor gives you the skinny on how to best use icebreakers in safety training exercises. When should you use icebreakers? Getting a training session off to a good start can affect the success of the rest of the session. Icebreakers may be the answer when you need to build trust […]

Accident Investigations: What OSHA Wants to Know

In yesterday’s Advisor, we suggested 10 key words you can use to get employees actively involved in the accident prevention process. But the fact remains that accidents will happen, and today we’ll look at how you can make accident investigations a vital part of your accident prevention program. The Accident Investigations course in BLR’s Employee […]

The Perils—and Prevention—of Arc Flash

Arc flash explosions are a daily occurrence in U.S. workplaces. Here are some tips for safeguarding your employees from these potentially fatal incidents. What is arc flash and why is it hazardous? An arc flash is a short circuit through the air. In an arc flash incident, an enormous amount of concentrated radiant energy explodes […]

A REAL Workplace Pain in the Neck

Today our Safety Training Tips editor looks at one of the more common, but often overlooked, workplace woes: Neck injuries. The most common workplace neck injuries are neck spasms. Neck spasms are contractions of the muscles in your neck. The contractions make your muscles tight and that results in pain. The main culprits of work-related […]

Electrical Safety: Protecting your ‘Unqualified’ Workers

Yesterday we looked at four common problem areas of electrical safety and at possible solutions for you and your supervisors. Today we’ll dig deeper into the electrical safety procedures for unqualified workers – including what OSHA requires — and look at a tool that will help you meet those requirements. Almost 3 million workers in […]

Drive Safely to Work Week: Avoid the ‘Big 5’

October 6-10 is Drive Safely to Work Week. The event is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), which says the week is “devoted to improving the safety and health of the nation’s workforce by promoting safe driving practices at their place of business.” That means next week is the perfect time […]

What if my Employees ‘Flunk’ a Training Quiz?

Just because you train your employees, it doesn’t mean that they will “get it,” at least not right away. Today our Safety Training Tips editor talks about what to do if an employee fails important safety-training testing. Failure is not an option. When you’re dealing with safety and health training, lives could depend on all […]

Defensive Driving: Look! No Hands!

Yesterday we looked at 10 safe-driving tips from the veteran drivers/editors at Today we’ll look at some additional defensive-driving tips from our Safety Training Tips editor — and at a “hands-off” training tool that will drive home safe-driving techniques to your workforce. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of accidental death in […]

10 Tips to Prevent Employee Car Accidents

The veteran drivers/editors at have seen it all. Noted for their car ratings and reviews, here they parcel out their experience into 10 tips that can help keep your employees safe on the road. As an experienced safety professional, you are no doubt aware that the biggest risk facing your employees every day is […]