Infographic: Preventing Trench Collapses

There has been increased attention paid to trenching and excavation safety in recent years. Here’s what you need to know about preventing trench collapses, according to NIOSH.

Infographic: Safe Lifting Guidelines

NIOSH says ergonomic interventions can lower the physical demand of work tasks and decrease the number and severity of musculoskeletal injuries that result. Here’s what you need to know about ergonomic guidelines for safe lifting.

Infographic: Older Driver Safety

With an increasing number of workers 55 and older who are driving on the job, there are steps that employers and workers can take to increase safety for older drivers. Here’s what you need to know about older driver safety.

Infographic: Hurricane Rescue & Recovery

Forecasters are predicting a busy hurricane season this year, so you should make sure your workplace is prepared for a hurricane and its aftermath. Here’s what you need to know about rescue and recovery operations after a hurricane hits.

Infographic: Fall Protection Compliance

Fall hazards are one of the construction industry’s “Fatal Four” safety hazards, along with caught-in or -between, electrocution, and struck-by hazards. Here’s what you need to know about compliance with OSHA’s fall protection standard.

Infographic: Sun Exposure Protection

Prolonged sun exposure can lead to sunburn, heat stroke, or skin cancer. Here’s what the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) says about protecting yourself from sun exposure.

Infographic: Preventing Legionella Exposure

In cases where Legionella hazards can’t be controlled with engineering and administrative controls, personal protective equipment (PPE) may be needed to prevent worker exposures and infections. Here’s what you need to know about how to protect workers against Legionella exposure with PPE.

Infographic: Radiation Safety

Radiation emergencies include nuclear and radiological events in which there is (or there is the perception of) a hazard from a nuclear explosion, release of radioactive material, or unintended exposure to another type of radioactive source. Here’s what you need to know about radiation safety.

Infographic: Heat Acclimatization

Between 50% and 70% of outdoor fatalities occur in the first few days of working in warm or hot environments because the body needs to build a tolerance to the heat gradually over time, a process called heat acclimatization. Here’s what you need to know about heat acclimatization.

Infographic: Preventing Mold Exposure

Employers have a responsibility to prevent mold exposure in the workplace. Here’s what you need to know about preventing mold exposure.