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Zero Accidents: 10 Steps in the Right Direction

  Every safety professional’s ultimate goal is zero accidents. Here are 10 steps that can help you achieve this critical objective. Arriving at zero accidents isn’t easy, but these 10 steps will take you a good part of the way there: 1.    Make sure everyone is committed to safety. Everyone in your organization, from top […]

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5 Keys to Improving Worker Safety Attitude

In a previous article we looked at some creative and cost-saving ways to keep your safety programs effective in a down economy. Several of those ideas revolve around increased employee involvement. In this article, we look at some talking points to get your workers to recognize the need to take safety seriously, and to demonstrate […]

7 Keys to Loading Dock Safety

Yesterday we looked at ways to enhance shipping and receiving safety, particularly for the tasks of lifting and material handling and packing and stacking. Today we turn to loading docks and look at steps you can take to bolster safety in this high-risk area. Working on loading docks presents a variety of hazards for employees […]

Material Handling That Stacks Up to Safety Requirements

Improper stacking and storage can result in injuries to workers and damage to costly materials. Make sure your material handlers stack up when it comes to safety. Although OSHA does not provide much specific direction concerning safe stacking and storage, 29 CFR 1910.176(b) of the material handling standard does generally require secure workplace storage of […]

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Focus on 4 Forklift Hazards

There are numerous hazards associated with forklift operations. Do your operators know about these four common forklift hazards and how to avoid them? If not, they are at risk for forklift accidents, which can result in injuries, damage, or even death. 4 Forklift Hazards Attachments Pedestrians Work environment Loads Attachments Forklift attachments such as carton […]

Class 9 Shipments: To Placard or Not Placard—That Is the Question

Class 9 hazardous materials (hazmats) is the catch-all class for hazmats that don’t fit neatly into any of the Class 1–8 descriptions. Instead of a definitive moniker such as “corrosives” or “explosives,” Class 9 hazmats are saddled with “miscellaneous” to describe their attributes. This is due to Class 9 covering a wide range of materials, […]