Infographic: How to Build an Anti-Retaliation Program

Reporting safety issues is an integral part of maintaining an effective, positive safety environment in the workplace. Workers must be able to feel safe reporting violations without fear of retaliation, and EHS leaders and management are responsible for creating an environment in which reporting can be done in a productive manner. Here’s what you need […]

Infographic: Increasing Productivity with EHS Automation

In the EHS industry, there has been a surge of individuals and organizations who are advocating for the automation of EHS processes, especially when it comes to reporting and data collection. Many companies have come up with their own algorithms and data input resources to help EHS professionals with their jobs, and as this continues […]

EHS On Tap E110: Meeting the Challenges of ESG

On episode 110 of EHS On Tap, Tyler Davey, CEO, North America, for Alcumus, talks about the company’s new ESG solution and how businesses are progressing with ESG efforts.

Infographic: Chemical Hazard Management

Despite many policy changes and updates that have occurred in the last year, OSHA continues strong enforcement of longstanding regulations for well-established hazards like falls, lockout/tagout, unguarded machinery, and workplace chemicals. The agency’s hazard communication standard (HCS) remains one of OSHA’s most frequently cited standards, cited 1,947 times in fiscal year (FY) 2021. Here’s what […]

Infographic: Conventional Fall Protection Standards

This week (May 2-6) is the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, which is a voluntary event that encourages employers to talk directly to employees about fall prevention and safety. This event is being held jointly by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the National […]

EHS On Tap: E108 Focusing On Fall Prevention

On episode 108 of EHS On Tap, Karen Hamel of HalenHardy talks about why fall prevention is still a major problem.

Infographic: Workplace Violence Prevention

As COVID-19 regulations shift and employees start to reenter the workplace again in-person, EHS leaders need to be prepared to deal with the challenges that will come with returning to work. Workplace violence continues to be a cause for concern, and now that people are going to be working side by side again, it is […]

EHS On Tap: E107 Dealing With Workplace Violence and the Return to Work

On episode 107 of EHS On Tap, Hector Alvarez, president of Alvarez Associates, talks about how to deal with workplace violence as many businesses return to the office. Recorded recently at the EHS Exchange in Arizona.