Best Practice White Papers

4 Strategic Risk Transformations: Leveling Up as a Risk & Safety Professional

Today’s complicated, fast-moving risk environment is forcing changes to traditional roles across safety, risk, claims, and insurance. How will you stay ahead? While these roles may historically have been heavily weighted toward administration and reporting functions, the modern risk and safety professional is increasingly a strategic role looked to for insight and context that factors […]

The Indispensability of Workplace Incident Investigations in Creating Safer Workplaces

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of global workplace incident trends, focusing on the top three biases leading to such incidents. It also highlights the significance of CSA Z1005 as a risk management standard and outlines the ROI of thorough incident investigations, covering emergency response to post-incident interviews. Additionally, it introduces an Investigation Evidence […]

[eBook] OSHA Top 10

OSHA violations are rampant, hide in plain sight, and have potentially dire consequences for your people and your bottom line. Every year, thousands of preventable incidents occur, causing needless injuries, illnesses, and in some cases – deaths. From OSHA penalties to workers’ compensation claims to legal, operational, and reputational costs, businesses can pay a significant […]

Checklist: Create and Deliver Engaging Training Content

Checklist: Create and Deliver Engaging Training Content Unlock the full potential of your organization with a well-crafted training strategy that delivers tangible benefits, including cost reduction, revenue generation, and risk mitigation. Use this checklist to assess the readiness of your training materials in these categories: Knowing your audience Using real-world examples Assessing prior knowledge Behavior […]

The Safety Professional’s Role in Environmental, Social and Governance Initiatives

The Safety Professional’s Role in Environmental, Social and Governance Initiatives The rise of quality and sustainability concerns have driven organizations to develop strategies to preserve our world for future generations. Management of organizational disciplines, including sustainability, lean concepts and quality often has been delegated to Safety professionals since this department influences essentially every functional area […]

Oral fluid workplace drug testing

What the new Department of Transportation oral fluid drug testing final rule means for you In May 2023, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) published its final rule permitting oral fluid drug testing for DOT-regulated employers. This is the first time the DOT is supporting an alternative to urine drug testing. What does this mean […]

ESG Materiality: A Guide for EHS Leaders

A Guide for EHS Leaders Changes in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting expectations have many business leaders on their heels and scratching their heads. Fortunately, for organizations managing significant operational risk, there is already someone well prepared to address ESG challenges: The EHS Leader. As EHS leaders take an increasing role in ESG strategy, […]

Building Cyber Resilience and Data Integrity into Supply Chains

Learn about the cybersecurity breaches commonly occurring from third party suppliers, how to find the security gaps, and how to mitigate future cyberattacks. In this eBook, you will learn: how to define reasonable levels of security for your suppliers, vendors, contractors, etc. how to assess and monitor your supply chain cyber resilience. how to train […]