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Why the Adoption of EHS Mobile Software Is Essential for a Strong Safety Culture

Why the Adoption of EHS Mobile Software Is Essential for a Strong Safety Culture Is your safety culture suffering due to outdated approaches to safety audits, inspections, and incident reports? Paper forms and spreadsheets not only compromise data quality and productivity, they also increase the risk of missing dangerous safety events and hazards. Our new […]

Heat Stress Mitigation: Tools For Compliance And Safety

Heat Stress Mitigation: Tools For Compliance And Safety Warehouses, industrial, and commercial buildings often suffer a common problem – moderate to excessive heat that can impact employee safety and productivity as well as violate federal, state, and local statutes such as OSHA, California Title 24 Part 6, and ASHRAE 55. This paper looks at the […]

The Ultimate EHS Tech Guide

The Ultimate EHS Tech Guide Is EHS technology top of mind for your business in 2023? If not, it should be. In recent years, EHS Tech has become even more vital to your company and the safety of your employees. It’s now commonplace to have new technology in our pockets and on the limbs of […]

3 Challenges Plague the Utilities Sector

3 Challenges Plague the Utilities Sector Their Solutions Will Build a Better Tomorrow Power consumption is projected to triple by 2050 as electrification and living standards grow. From updating an aging infrastructure to addressing shifts in consumption habits and complying with ever-changing regulations, the Utilities industry has its work cut out to meet this increasing […]

The Impact of Labor Shortage on Supply Chain Management

An imminent labor shortage in key regions is set to shake up global supply chains. According to the latest research by Korn Ferry, businesses across the globe could be dealing with a labor shortage of 85.2 million skilled workers by 2030. The dent in revenues is projected to be around $8.45 trillion or the combined […]

Setting the Standard for ESG Growth Strategies

ESG standards are still a complex matter for organizations trying to lay the groundwork for the moder workplace. With so many factors to consider, finding a place to start is critical for successful implementation and longevity. In our most recent Best Practices Guide, Setting the Standard for ESG Growth Strategies, you will learn valuable insight […]

In the Event of a Workplace Fatality: Reacting in the Wake of a Catastrophe

The value of a human life is priceless and must be protected at all costs. Notwithstanding, there are financial repercussions to consider if a tragic incident results in a fatality on your premises. Every year, workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities bring heartache and cost the nation billions of dollars. However, the financial ramification is just […]

Ultimate Guide to Audits & Inspections.

When was the last time you took a long, honest look at your EHS program? By evaluating your facilities, people, and processes, you’ll make your workplace a whole lot safer and minimize regulatory and legal risks. In this comprehensive white paper, we’ll cover: The four keys to a solid audit & inspection program Regulatory audits […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hazard Communication

This guide covers the basics of hazard communication, including how to identify hazardous chemicals, the different types of hazards, and how to understand label information and safety data sheets. In addition, this eBook discusses the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees in hazard communication and provides practical tips for training employees and developing a […]

How to Maximize the ROI of Your EHS Platform

If your organization isn’t already looking at deploying an EHS software platform, you’re at risk of falling behind. Cloud-hosted deployments are now the standard across all industries. EHS software greatly reduces potential risks for an organization. The software can help identify issues before they can do harm, thereby eliminating injuries, illnesses, and cost. In addition […]