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Securing Leadership Buy-In for Safety Management

Unlock Leadership Support for Safety Software:   69% of Safety Professionals reported their 2023 focus was engaging leaders in workplace health and safety. Discover valuable strategies in our White paper: Demystifying the Procurement Process Building a Compelling Business Case Gaining Stakeholder Support Overcoming Resistance and Implementing successfully Download our FREE eBook and discover a proven approach to securing […]

Safety Management Systems: Building a Foundation on Data

Industry standards help set the foundation for a safety management system (SMS) that protects workers, but data gathering is the engine that drives it. The Intelex Insight Report “Safety Management Systems: Building a Foundation on Data,” explains what resources are available to help you create a system and identifies key SMS data-gathering components needed. Learn […]

OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting Cheat Sheet

Use this OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting Cheat Sheet to navigate the complexities of OSHA reporting. This eBook covers: Record keeping best practices and exemptions Recordable injuries and illnesses vs. reportable injuries and illnesses When and how to report events OSHA Form 300, OSHA Form 300 A, and electronic record submission Download Now!

7 Signs Your Subcontractor is in Financial Distress

In today’s business landscape, financial stability is paramount. Did you realize that contractor financial risk accounts for nearly half of all risk events? Moreover, an astounding 55% of organizations identify contractors’ insolvency as a prime financial concern originating from the supply chain. Financial stress has far-reaching implications, with 80% of employers revealing that it adversely […]

4 Strategic Risk Transformations: Leveling Up as a Risk & Safety Professional

Today’s complicated, fast-moving risk environment is forcing changes to traditional roles across safety, risk, claims, and insurance. How will you stay ahead? While these roles may historically have been heavily weighted toward administration and reporting functions, the modern risk and safety professional is increasingly a strategic role looked to for insight and context that factors […]

The Indispensability of Workplace Incident Investigations in Creating Safer Workplaces

This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of global workplace incident trends, focusing on the top three biases leading to such incidents. It also highlights the significance of CSA Z1005 as a risk management standard and outlines the ROI of thorough incident investigations, covering emergency response to post-incident interviews. Additionally, it introduces an Investigation Evidence […]

[eBook] OSHA Top 10

OSHA violations are rampant, hide in plain sight, and have potentially dire consequences for your people and your bottom line. Every year, thousands of preventable incidents occur, causing needless injuries, illnesses, and in some cases – deaths. From OSHA penalties to workers’ compensation claims to legal, operational, and reputational costs, businesses can pay a significant […]

Infographic: Workplace Safety 101

Is it possible for organizations to check all the right boxes and still not have the efficiency and safety culture that they desire? Safety culture needs to be entwined throughout an organization. We recently surveyed over 200 EHS Professionals to see how their organizations tackle safety initiatives. 75% feel they are NOT very effective in preventing […]