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Facing a Real Fire: Are Your Workers Prepared

In yesterday’s article, we looked at a few situations that can arise in a real fire that you might be overlooking in your fire safety training. Today, we’ll look at two more possibilities your employees need to be prepared to face, and what you can do to keep your fire safety preparation real.

Build a Better Retraining Program with These Three R’s

In yesterday’s Advisor, we looked at three ways to make sure that your introductory training works for your workforce. But training is never a one-and-done proposition. Build a training program that continually reinforces your safety message with three more fundamental strategies.

Arm Yourself with the Facts About Hand Safety

Hand injuries can be especially traumatic, stripping away not only a worker’s ability to work, but also the ability to perform activities of daily living. Dr. Gregory A. Merrell is a surgeon at the Indiana Hand Center, the largest, free-standing hand surgery center in the country. The facility is also the nation’s leading training center […]

Help Workers Make the Connection Between Housekeeping and Their Health and Safety

Is your workplace a mess? If so, it’s time to get employees to clean up their act, for the sake of their safety and health. A messy workplace is more than just unsightly. It has the potential to create hazards, including: Fire! Paper garbage, wood shavings, combustible dusts, rags soaked with flammable chemicals—if not disposed […]

Train Employees to Avoid Electrical Accidents

Today, we review some training points for preventing electrical accidents. These points should be covered in electrical safety meetings with all employees. The following training points are brought to you courtesy of today’s featured BLR safety training product, 7-Minute Safety Trainer. Shock Prevention Inspect electrical equipment before use to be sure insulation is in good […]

6 Most Common Lockout/Tagout Mistakes

Any powered equipment is potentially dangerous—even if it’s supposed to be shut down. Many needless accidents occur when somebody turns on a machine that’s supposed to be locked out. Lockout/tagout accidents are not only needless, but serious. They result not in small cuts or scratches, but often cause amputations, serious fractures, or death. Any energy […]

Lock In Best Lockout Practices

A University of Vermont–hosted safety site has published what it calls the “Fatal 5″—the primary causes of LO/TO-preventable injuries. Make sure these hazards aren’t present in your workplace. OSHA requires you to train employees to prevent lockout/tagout (LO/TO) accidents in the workplace. Have you explained how to avoid the "Fatal 5" to your employees? 1 […]