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The Silent Equipment Killer

What ASTSWMO UST Task Force Found The ASTSWMO UST Task Force solicited information for fiscal year 2012 from all 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia in an effort to determine the violations most often encountered during UST compliance inspections. Responses were received from 35 states and territories, covering nearly 59,000 UST inspections […]

16 Tips for Inspecting Your Aboveground Storage Tank

ASTs are storage tanks that are aboveground, regardless of whether they are used to store petroleum products, hazardous waste, or other hazardous material. There are a variety of overlapping federal laws and regulations that govern ASTs, and most are highly regulated on the state and local level. There are specific inspection requirements for hazardous waste […]

Before the Flood: UST Prep Tips

Before the Flood: UST Prep Tips One of the greatest natural threats affecting the United States is flooding that can result from a variety of events—from heavy rain to earthquakes and tsunamis to hurricanes. Floods can also result from man-made events like dam and levee breaches and poor stormwater management. Knowing what can happen and […]

Quick Guide to Training Requirements for Oil & Gas

If you are in the business of oil and gas you need to know that OSHA’s got a long list of standards just for you–and this includes training requirements. Because of the specific hazards involved with the oil and gas industry there are many areas you’ve got to cover with your workers. Here are the […]