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EHSDA Song of the Week: Keep On Truckin’

Continuity planning is something every business must do to ensure that they can keep operating in the event of an emergency or disaster. Perseverance is the key and the EHSDA Song of the Week reflects that mindset with Eddie Kendricks’ 1973 R&B classic “Keep On Truckin’.” Kendricks was one of the founding members of the […]

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COVID-19 Resources to Help You Emerge from the Crisis Better Prepared

In a matter of moments, our world changed. We all had plans to operate our businesses normally but with extra safety precautions to protect us against an emerging virus spreading across the globe. And then, everything stopped with some of the first community-spread cases in the United States. Almost every state has enacted a stay-at-home […]


How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Small Business

It’s impossible to avoid at this point, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is on everyone’s mind. Sports leagues around the world have shut down, companies are going fully remote, and colleges have switched to being exclusively online.

COVID-19 coronavirus

COVID-19: OSHA Urges Businesses to Prepare for Outbreak

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued guidance on preparing workplaces for a COVID-19 outbreak. The guide explains how COVID-19 could affect workplaces and steps employers can take to reduce workers’ risk of exposure.