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7 Steps to World-Class Safety Performance: Part 1

Today, we present the first 4 steps, and tomorrow we’ll review the rest. 1. Engage Employees Involving employees in the safety process is essential to safety success. It provides a way for them to demonstrate and share their commitment while building pride, ownership, and skills. Here are a few proven methods to spark participation:

Are You Communicating for Maximum Value?

How well are you communicating safety? Benchmark these recommendations against your performance and share them with frontline supervisors. Establish a clear-cut, easy, nonthreatening method for employees to make safety suggestions or register safety concerns. This could be a dedicated Web page, a traditional suggestion box, or a mail slot in your office. Act promptly on […]

Second City Says Humor Drives Engagement in Workforce Training

When you hear the term “Second City,” you probably think of the large number of talented comedians the improvisational theater has produced. But today’s Advisor will also make you think about Second City in the context of humor in training. The stellar alumni list includes many of the original “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” […]

There Are No Two Ways About It: Two-Way Video Training Is Here!

According to one expert, two-way video is changing the training landscape, so the question is how should you be preparing for it? In today’s Advisor, we get expert advice on this up-and-coming training tool. "Video training has been around in some way for a very, very long time," says David Stubenvoll, CEO and cofounder of […]

What You Should Know About Rare Earths

While US numbers are fewer than China’s, there are substantial rare earth deposits in the lower U.S. and Alaska. But rare earth mining may have environmental implications not to mention the long process of obtaining mining permits cast doubts on the near-term ability of the U.S. to develop the volume of rare earths needed for […]

What You Get Out of an EMS

Not Required But Still a Good Idea It is important to keep in mind that ISO 14001 is not a legal requirement. It is a voluntary set of management standards that may improve your environmental performance. EPA encourages industries to adopt these standards but offers no specific incentives (such as reduced frequency of inspections) in […]