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Employers Cited by Cal/OSHA for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) cited two employers for serious accident-related safety and health violations after workers were poisoned by carbon monoxide while working in a confined space at San Francisco International Airport.

There’s no Safety Data Sheet for These Six Chemical Exposures

Most hazardous chemicals arrive in the workplace with personalized calling cards: the labels and safety data sheets (SDSs) required by law to accompany them. Unfortunately, not all chemicals are so accommodating. Some may slip into the workplace unannounced, unnoticed, and unrecognized. Beware of these chemical hazards that may have crept in under your nose! Exhaust […]

O&M and Safety Tips for Emergency Generators

Have you ever lost power and needed an emergency or backup generator to continue operations? Do you have an emergency generator onsite or do you have a plan to find one when a situation arises? Today we will discuss some operation and maintenance (O&M) tips for on-site emergency generators and some safety tips for portable […]

How Does Nonattainment Affect Your Facility?

The Clean Air Act required the EPA to develop NAAQS for six pollutants commonly found throughout the United States.  These pollutants, referred to as “criteria pollutants,” are: Sulfur dioxide; Particulate matter (PM-10 and PM-2.5); Carbon monoxide; Ozone; Nitrogen dioxide; and Lead. The EPA established a primary and a secondary NAAQS for each criteria pollutant. The […]

Impacts of Near-Roadway Air Pollution

Impacts of Near-Roadway Air Pollution It’s the rare person that has not had the unfortunate experience of driving too close to a vehicle like a heavy-duty diesel truck and getting a car full of smelly exhaust. But the everyday impacts of the cumulative emissions on major roads are also under scrutiny by the Environmental Protection […]