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How Clean Is the Air Your Employees Breathe?

Some experts believe that more people may suffer from indoor air pollution than outdoor air pollution. How about your employees? Most Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Poor indoor air quality can cause all kinds of ailments and discomforts, including many that can mimic symptoms of allergies, stress, colds, and flu. Indoor […]

Fall Protection: What OSHA Requires

Falls are a leading cause of workplace injury and death. Fall protection also routinely makes OSHA’s Top 10 Violations list every year. Employees fall for many reasons: unstable working surfaces, improperly positioned ladders, misuse of fall protection, and unprotected sides and edges of working surfaces. OSHA says that you must set up your worksite to […]

What’s OSHA Planning for 2014?

Here’s a quick review of OSHA’s rulemaking plans for 2014 and what they might mean for you and your company The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) says that the regulations OSHA will be pursuing in 2014 are part of a plan/prevent/protect approach, "designed to ensure employers and other regulated entities are in full compliance with […]

Electrical Safety FAQs: Part 2

Yesterday, we presented answers to a number of important questions about electrical safety. Today, we review some more electrical safety FAQs. What is the best way for employees to protect against electrical hazards? Most electrical accidents result from one of three factors: Unsafe equipment or installation Unsafe environment Unsafe work practices Accidents and injuries can […]

Is My OSHA Case Hopeless When a Supervisor Violated the Standards?

Where do you stand legally when a supervisor is responsible for violating OSHA standards? By Howard Mavity  A partner in the Atlanta office, Howard Mavity co-chairs the Fisher & Phillips Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Practice Group. He draws on his past business experience in transportation, logistics, construction, and industrial supply to work with clients […]

Workers Ignoring Fall Protection? Research Offers Possible Solutions

Despite the significant risk of injury or death, construction workers continue to work at heights without fall protection. A recently published study examines the reasons for this and offers solutions that could prevent an accident or save a life. The researchers/authors of Fall Protection in Residential Construction Sites, which appeared in the July issue of […]

Trip Hazards Do’s and Don’ts

The national statistics on injuries and deaths from workplace slips, trips, and falls are disturbing. Today we’ll give you some actionable advice on keeping your workers from adding to those statistics. Slips, trips, and falls cannot be taken lightly. Consider: In one recent year, more than 800 American workers fell to their deaths. On average, […]