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Are You Ready for EHSDA’s Emergency Preparedness Week?

Join us next week (Sept. 18-22) for a full week of free online events and digital resources around emergency preparedness that you can use to plot your safety leadership strategy. Register for event sessions today. Monday, Sept. 18 Educational Webinar | Is Your Emergency Action Plan Up to Date? Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT Speaker: Brandy Zadoorian, CSP, CSD, CEO […]

Four Strategies to Prepare for an Emergency

Whether it’s a fire, active shooter, natural disaster, or pandemic, employees should be trained to handle all types of emergencies. BLR Legal Editor Elizabeth Dickinson, J.D., recently spoke at a BLR Trends in 20 Webinar, where hot topics are discussed in 20 minutes, entitled “Prepare for the Next Emergency: Strategies to Address it with Confidence.” […]

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Ask the Expert: Running Equipment Without Employees On Site

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by the team of industry experts at EHS Hero®, we look at a recent question from a subscriber asking about running equipment without employees on site. See what the experts had to say. Q: What are the requirements for running equipment without employees in […]

The Way to the Egress: A Guide to Workplace Evacuations, Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series on workplace evacuations, we share the importance of building an effective Emergency Action Plan and establishing a safety strategy to address various emergency scenarios. Continuing coverage into Part 2 of this evacuation primer, we now provide a closer look at the safety requirements for establishing exit routes and […]

The Way to The Egress: A Guide to Workplace Evacuations, Part 1

Sometimes your employees just need to leave. Workplace emergencies can range from isolated chemical spills, fires, toxic gas releases, and active shooter incidents to local flooding; hurricanes; tornados; and, more rarely, terrorist attacks. Workplace lockdowns or sheltering in place may be the appropriate response, but sometimes you need to evacuate your facility. But first, you […]

10 Steps to Prepare for an EPA Inspection

Recent enforcement statistics from the EPA show that during fiscal year (FY) 2014, enforcement actions required companies to invest more than $9.7 billion in actions and equipment to control pollution and clean up contaminated sites. Companies paid $63 million in combined administrative, civil, and criminal fines. And that’s just on the federal level! Follow these […]

On a Multiemployer Worksite, What Are You Responsible For?

How many employers have a presence on your worksite? Do you have two or three contractors renovating your office space, another contractor running your on-site cafeteria, some consultants evaluating your production unit, a medical group doing a wellness screening on-site, and a crew of temporary employees in the warehouse? All of those workers represent different […]

Emergency Planning: Protect Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

Are you ready for a severe emergency? Many businesses aren’t adequately prepared and as a result 40% of businesses affected by a disaster never reopen. Fires and explosions impact some 70,000 U.S. businesses and cause 200 employee fatalities each year. Other emergencies such as natural disasters, chemical spills, and incidents of workplace violence also take […]