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EHSDA Song of the Week: Only Happy When It Rains

In certain parts of the country, it’s been a hot summer. In others, it’s been filled with unrelenting rain doing plenty of damage. So we’re going with Garbage’s alt-rock classic “Only Happy When It Rains” for EHSDA Song of the Week. Written as an ironic poke at the generally morose vibe given off by much […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Tornadoes

According to the National Weather Service, peak tornado season is March through June, with 70% of all tornadoes occurring during this time period. This week, we feature “Tornadoes,” a 2004 song by Drive-By Truckers that details how a tornado hit the hometown of singer Patterson Hood. Specifically, the song describes how Hood’s former band, Adam’s […]

Eye-to-Eye with Hurricanes: Lessons Learned for Business Owners

By James Junkin, CSP, MSP, SMS, ASP, CSHO Last year, the Atlantic Hurricane season produced fourteen named storms, eight classified as hurricanes with winds of 74 mph or greater. Due to the culmination of decades of increasing intensity, frequency, and duration of severe storms, this phenomenon results from rising ocean sea surface temperatures caused by […]

EHSDA Song of the Week: Like a Hurricane

We’re already into May, which means the weather is getting warmer and the storms get increasingly intense. In the EHS world, that means starting to think about extreme weather conditions and in some parts of the country, it also means hurricanes. This week, we’re going back to 1977 for a classic extreme weather song from […]