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Warehouse fire

Safety 2019: Warehouse Fire Prevention Strategies

Does your warehouse facility have an adequate fire prevention and preparedness strategy? That was the question on attendees’ minds in the standing-room-only crowd for Tim Dietz’s and Ray Panko’s presentation on the first day of the American Society of Safety Professionals’ (ASSP) Safety 2019 Conference and Exposition, held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Holiday Hazards: Fires

By itself, winter carries a heightened risk of fire, because it involves more of the things that create warmth and light—fireplaces, space heaters, candles, cozy blankets. During the holidays, even more light, heat, and potentially flammable decorations are added to that mix.

On-the-Job Training for Off-the-Job Safety: Part 1

Spring has sprung, so your employees may be dusting off the winter cobwebs and tackling strenuous home tasks, such as spring cleaning and gardening. In today’s Advisor, we give guidance on conducting effective training for off-the-job safety. Would it surprise you to know that fewer workers are injured or killed at work than away from […]

Fire Safety: 7 Hazards, 10 Controls

Experts say about 85% of workplace fires result from human error and 15% from equipment problems. That means fires are a largely preventable hazard. Keep fire safety top of mind at your company to reduce risk. The list of workplace fire hazards doesn’t include many surprises. Still it’s a good idea to review them with […]