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Your Options Under the HazWaste e-Manifest Program

Effective October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2021, the EPA will apply new user fees in its hazardous waste (hazwaste) e-Manifest Program. Publication of the Agency’s fee memo provides an opportunity to review the different types of manifests regulated parties may use to meet their legal obligations.

Should Your Hazardous Waste Be Managed As Universal Waste?

Determining whether you are allowed to, and also whether you should, manage certain generated wastes as universal wastes rather than hazardous wastes is a dilemma that can plague a generator of hazardous waste. The questions the issue brings forth range from knowing what hazardous wastes qualify for universal waste management to identifying the perceivable advantages […]

Five Things to Remember About Haz Waste Surface Impoundments

Five Things to Remember About Haz Waste Surface Impoundments The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows land placement of hazardous waste in nine different types of land disposal units (LDUs), but has promulgated unit-specific standards for only four, two of which are surface impoundments and waste piles. These standards are covered in 40 CFR 264/265 Subpart […]