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Faces of EHS: Dustin Hickey on Finding Ways to ‘Fail Safely’

It might sound like the premise to a movie, but Dustin Hickey was inspired to start a safety career because of family ties to the 1947 Texas City Disaster, one of the deadliest workplace accidents in U.S. history. (More on that incredible story in a bit.) Hickey has been a safety professional for over 15 […]

Faces of EHS: Hanne Stahl on Being a Lifelong Learner

Inspired by her late husband, Hanne Stahl is a long-time safety professional who strives to keep learning everything she can. She urges others in the industry to do the same. Stahl is an EHS manager at ESFM, the integrated facilities management division of Compass Group serving clients across several industries. She joined the company six […]

Should You Be Involved in EPA’s Small Business Outreach Efforts

Two upcoming rulemakings for which the EPA is looking for small business involvement and plans to conduct Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR) panels follow: NSPS for oil and natural gas. The development of a rule that proposes to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), including methane, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) under its New Source […]

What Small Businesses Can Expect from EPA Outreach

Why Is the EPA Looking for Your Input? The current EPA is not shy about touting its outreach efforts and the current administrator’s less-than-shy personality may make you think that the Agency is just gung-ho about finding out how you feel about environmental regulations. However, especially if you are a small business (more about that […]

Are You Overlooking These Four Health and Safety Sites?

The Internet is where it’s at these days—you can do everything from order a pizza to read your professional journals online. But the signal-to-noise ratio can be high, too—it can be hard to find the most reliable and useful resources among the Internet clutter. So we’ve collected four online resources—besides Safety.BLR.com®!—where you can find some […]