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The Importance of Training in Instructional Design

How important is it for trainers to be trained in instructional design? Very important, says James Guilkey, PhD, president and cofounder of S4 NetQuest (www.s4netquest.com) in today’s Advisor. “If trainers are asked to be designers, they have to be familiar with adult learning theory in instructional design if they are going to be effective,” Guilkey […]

Give Your Training a Helping Hand

Today’s Advisor gives you expert advice to ensure that during training your hands send the same message as your words.

3 Requirements for OSHA-Compliant Confined Spaces Training

OSHA has many requirements for confined spaces training, but compliance doesn’t have to be difficult. Permit-required confined space training must include three key issues: Nature of the hazards Actions to take when exposed to hazards How to arrange for a rescue So says Michael Lawrence, principal of Summit Safety Technologies (Long Beach, CA), accomplished safety […]

Electrical Safety FAQs: Part 2

Yesterday, we presented answers to a number of important questions about electrical safety. Today, we review some more electrical safety FAQs. What is the best way for employees to protect against electrical hazards? Most electrical accidents result from one of three factors: Unsafe equipment or installation Unsafe environment Unsafe work practices Accidents and injuries can […]

Electrical Safety FAQs

In today’s Advisor we focus on some frequently asked questions about electrical safety, with answers provided by OSHA. What causes electrical shocks? Electricity travels in closed circuits, normally through a conductor. But sometimes a person’s body—an efficient conductor of electricity—mistakenly becomes part of the electric circuit. This can cause an electrical shock. Shocks occur when […]