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A New Mentoring Model for Training the Next Generation

January is National Mentoring Month (www.nationalmentoringmonth.org/), so each Friday this month, we’ll explore different aspects of mentoring and how this form of training can benefit your organization. Today, we hear from mentoring expert, Lois Zachary.

What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

’Tis the season for basketball, football, and hockey, so many of us are busy watching coaches roam the sidelines on the court, field, or rink. In today’s Advisor, Dr. Susan G. Weinberger, president of the Mentor Consulting Group in Norwalk, CT, USA, coaches US on the differences between coaching and mentoring. Or does she mentor […]

Do You Train Supervisors to Be ‘Caring’?

You undoubtedly cover all the ‘hard’ topics regarding compliance and procedure in your training program. But do you also cover ‘soft’ topics with your supervisors, such as how to be ‘relational’ and ‘caring’? In today’s Advisor, we examine the results of a recent survey that speaks to the importance of these topics for today’s employees.

10 Good Reasons for Motivating Your Employees to Work Safely

Failure to strongly encourage safe work habits can have costly consequences, whereas motivating employees to work safely has important benefits. 1. According to the 2013 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, the most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses in 2011 amounted to $55.4 billion in direct U.S. workers compensation costs. This translates into more than a […]

Check Out OSHA’s Safer Chemicals Toolkit

The most effective way to control hazardous chemical exposures in the workplace is to eliminate them, but it can be difficult to identify safer alternatives. OSHA has created a toolkit to identify safer chemicals you can use in place of more hazardous ones. The toolkit walks employers and workers through information, methods, tools, and guidance […]

Teach Your New Supervisors How to Train Effectively

Do your new supervisors know the importance of training their employees? Do they know the best ways to make their training efforts effective? Today’s Advisor gives you training information to convey to your new supervisors. Training employees is a big part of any supervisor’s job. Whether it’s formal classroom training, safety meetings, on-the-job training, or […]

Mentoring Women: Part 2

In last Friday’s Advisor, we looked at mentoring programs for women. Today, we’ll get more expert advice on mentoring women. Thomasina Tafur, a former FedEx senior manager who is now the president of Thomasina Tafur Consulting (www.thomasinatafur.com), which provides HR executives with advice on positioning females for leadership roles, gives us these tips for you […]

Mentoring Women: Part 1

In our series of continuing articles recognizing National Mentoring Month, we move from mentoring youth to mentoring women. Today’s Advisor gives expert advice from a former FedEx senior manager. Men generally do a "fantastic job" of helping their male colleagues move up the corporate ladder, but women typically do not, says Thomasina Tafur, a former […]

Supervisors’ Safety Responsibilities

Supervisors play a key role in workplace safety. According to Oregon OSHA, supervisors have five main safety responsibilities. It identifies these in its Safety and the Supervisor training instruction guide. Provide safety training. Training must create awareness of safe behavior, teach required skills for working safely, increase knowledge by providing accurate, up-to-dater information about workplace […]

Can Better Communication Improve Workplace Safety?

Safety professionals focus on actions like training, recordkeeping, monitoring risks, and preparing budgets. An integral part of every action is communication—what you say and how you say it. Most people believe the goal of communication is to pass on information, but in a workplace setting the purpose is more often to achieve a desired action […]