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Emergency Generators—Should You Buy, Rent, Share, or Borrow?

It’s a decision you have to make based on the needs at your facility. Do you want the headache of maintaining an on-site emergency generator or the headache of scrounging around for one should the need arise? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has offered some tips for water/wastewater systems on just this subject that […]

O&M and Safety Tips for Emergency Generators

Have you ever lost power and needed an emergency or backup generator to continue operations? Do you have an emergency generator onsite or do you have a plan to find one when a situation arises? Today we will discuss some operation and maintenance (O&M) tips for on-site emergency generators and some safety tips for portable […]

A Dozen Tips to Avoid Anhydrous Ammonia Misuse

Substitution Is First Choice The EPA and OSHA recently issued a joint “alert” to encourage the use of inherently safer technologies (IST) at chemical facilities. The Chemical Safety Alert: Safer Technology and Alternativesis intended to lay the groundwork for a future guidance document by introducing safer technology concepts and general approaches. According to the Alert, […]

9 Tips for Installing an Anhydrous Ammonia Refrigeration System

Anhydrous ammonia is typically used in refrigeration systems in a number of industries, including: Cold storage warehouses and ice plants, Meat, poultry, or fish processing centers, Dairy and ice cream plants, Wineries and breweries, Fruit/vegetable juice and soft drink processing facilities, and Petrochemical facilities. Tips for Installing Anhydrous Ammonia Refrigerant Systems Install self-closing valves or […]