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How to Avoid RMP

Are you close? You must have more than a threshold amount of a listed substance in process at your facility for the Risk Management Program requirements of the Clean Air Act Section 112(r) to apply. If your facility’s source is close to the threshold for a particular substance, you may be able to limit the […]

RMP under Scrutiny

The EPA recently issued an updated request for information (RFI) seeking public comment on updating its Risk Management Program regulations, and a notice of proposed rulemaking is being prepared.  In the original RFI, the Agency noted that it is looking for specific feedback on whether the list of Risk Management Program (RMP)-regulated substances should be […]

EPA’s Audit Policy—Nine Things to Remember

EPA’s Audit Policy—Nine Things to Remember The EPA promulgated the first Audit Policy in 1995 and revised it in 2000, expanding availability, clarifying language, and conforming to Agency practices. Today, it remains a valuable option for regulated facilities to take advantage of benefits such as elimination or reductions in civil “gravity-based” penalties, no recommendations for […]