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4-Step Forklift Walkaround Inspection

Do your employees know how to conduct a walkaround as part of a preoperational forklift inspection? The first step toward safe forklift operation is conducting the preoperational inspection. Forklift operators should conduct the inspection at the start of each work shift to ensure that the forklift will work properly. According to OSHA, 1 in 15 […]

8 Award-Winning Safety Ideas

Impressive safety practices and a commitment to employee protection earned eight Indiana businesses 2014 Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards. Could one of their award-winning ideas work at your company? “These companies represent the best of the best,” said Indiana Department of Labor Commissioner Rick Ruble when presenting the state’s 2014 Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards. “They demonstrate […]

Flammable Liquids Safety Training: Who and What

When flammable liquids are involved, the risks are high, and everyone needs to be trained to follow required safety procedures. According to the hazard communication standard (29 CFR 1910.1200), you must train employees who are or may be exposed to flammable liquids to work safely with these substances. Supervisors should also be trained to maintain […]

How’s Your Safety Culture?

Organizations with strong safety cultures tend to experience low levels of risky behavior and low accident rates, turnover, and absenteeism as well as high productivity. To strengthen your safety culture, here’s a list of suggestions: Give away ownership. In the strongest safety cultures, everyone feels responsible for safety. A worker who notices another worker without […]

Successful Safety Audits: Critical Issues

Safety audits help identify hazards, set safety and health goals, and prevent accidents. Before conducting an audit, though, you need to address some practical and legal considerations. How much will the audit cost?A comprehensive safety and health audit can involve a significant investment of resources. Control audit expenses by asking: Do I need a consultant?Unless […]

The Book on Ladder Safety: OSHA Issues New Ebook

As part of its Fall Prevention Campaign, OSHA has ventured into a new area: ebook publishing. What, you might ask, do ebooks that can be read on computers and other electronic devices have to do with fall prevention? OSHA is hoping that its new 16-page booklet, Falling Off Ladders Can Kill: Use Them Safely, will […]