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SPCC: What Are Your Security Requirements

Standard SPCC plans must describe security procedures for their operation (excluding oil production facilities). The security requirements are meant to prevent oil discharges that result from vandalism or other unauthorized access to oil containers or equipment. Security procedures must include provisions to: Secure and control access to each facility’s handling, processing, or storage areas. Secure […]

SPCC Inspection, Evaluation, and Testing—5 General Things Inspectors Are Looking For

SPCC Inspection, Evaluation, and Testing—5 General Things Inspectors Are Looking For 1) A complete SPCC Plan that contains a description of “the scope and schedule of inspection, evaluation, and testing to be performed on bulk containers.” In its SPCC Guidance for Regional Inspectors, the EPA references the following sections of 40 CFR 112 that address […]

Highlights from OSWER Accomplishments 2013 Report

Highlights from OSWER Accomplishments 2013 Report The OSWER’s job is a big one encompassing diverse industries, practices and waste streams, as well as  state and local regulatory agencies, emergency response agencies and organizations, and the public. Overall, however, the goal is to protect the environment and the public from contamination, whether from a spill, leak […]

Part 109 Rules for Oil Spill Response Resources

In addition to the personnel requirements we reviewed yesterday, Part 109 also defines how facilities that do not have a Facility Response Plan (FRP) in place and that have made the determination that required secondary containment is impracticable,  should both have and be prepared to obtain necessary spill response equipment. In general, according to the […]

SPCC Plan FAQ Roundup

My facility is required to have a SPCC plan. I am a P.E. and was wondering if I can write and certify my plan. If you are licensed as a professional engineer, you may write and certify your facility’s SPCC plan. You do not need to be certified in the state in which the facility […]