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The EHS Daily Advisor and Enviro in 5 Are on the Way!

We’re revamping our newsletter lineup to be more responsive to our reader’s interests. Effective Monday, September 14, the Environmental Daily Advisor and the Safety Daily Advisor will consolidate into the EHS Daily Advisor, which will feature topics of interest to both Safety and Environmental pros, like hazardous substances, for example. For our Environmental Daily Advisor […]

Does Black Friday Put Your Employees in the Red?

A brief training session on financial wellness might be in order before holiday spending gets in full swing. Today’s Advisor gives you a training activity to share with employees. This exercise is appropriate for all employees because its objective is to emphasize key aspects of financial wellness. The training instructions are simple: Have trainees circle […]

Keep Your Refresher Training Fresh

Do you dread doing yet another refresher training session on an oft-repeated topic? In today’s Advisor, we give you several ideas for freshening up your refresher training. Periodic refresher training is required by many Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. And even when it isn’t, refresher training is essential for keeping skills sharp and preventing […]

Lockout/Tagout: 5 Steps to a Successful Program

To implement a successful lockout/tagout program, you need 5 key elements, says a top BLR interactive training program. It then proceeds to deliver them to you. Yesterday’s Safety Daily Advisor looked at what the safety education website, siri.uvm.edu, calls the “fatal 5” of lockout/tagout. These missteps, which account for most of the 60,000 injuries and […]

Meet Lockout/Tagout’s ‘Fatal 5’

Make any of these 5 mistakes and not only is your lockout/tagout program in danger, so are you! Here’s a short quiz for the workers at your facility: Question: When can a simple padlock and a laminated piece of red-striped cardboard save your life?Answer: When they’re part of a well-planned lockout/tagout program. As safety professionals […]