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Take Action Against STFs with 5S

Slips, trips, and falls (STFs) are notorious workplace hazards that cause a lot of injuries and add to costs, productivity losses, and worker absences. Take action against STFs with these 5 strategies.

Yes, You Can Eliminate New Hire Injuries!

Take steps to send the right messages to new hires during safety orientation to protect them from accidents and injuries. According to OSHA, 40 percent of injured employees have been on the job less than a year. Farmers Insurance Group says that more than half of new workers injured were employed for less than a […]

Common Reasons New Hires Get Injured

What’s behind new employee injuries, and is there really anything you can do to eliminate them? Today, we’ll talk about what’s behind them, and tomorrow, we talk about what you can do to eliminate them. Here are some examples that illustrate the problem of new hire accidents: A laborer on the job less than a […]