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Safety Summit 2018: Set Up Your Organization for Safety Success!

Workplace safety doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your organizational culture, processes, and challenges all impact your safety program and performance. Whether your company is growing, downsizing, transforming itself for a new generation, or simply trying to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive business climate, the question isn’t whether safety will be affected—it’s how.

Overcoming the Challenges of Delivering Off-the-Job Safety Programs

by Dan Hannan, CSP An employer that only focuses on preventing workplace accidents is missing a large exposure. It’s a hard reality that the frequency of off-the-job injuries and fatalities exceed those occurring in the workplace many times over. Even though he’s not “on the job” when an employee makes home roof repairs , fails […]

Leverage Safety for Business Success

Here’s expert who urges safety professionals to emphasize the connection between safety and business success. Today’s safety professionals need to be thinking about more than completing OSHA 300 logs and delivering HazCom training, says Kathy Seabrook, founder and president of Global Solutions, Inc. They also need to be sure they’re providing benefits and value that […]

A Simple Approach to Computing Incident Rates and Severity

Computing accident incidence rates and severity can help analyze and correct conditions that cause accidents. A simple formula for calculating accident incidence (frequency) is to: Take the total number of recordable incidents for the year from your OSHA 300. Multiply that number by 200,000, which represents the number of hours worked by 100 full-time employees, […]