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Evaluating E-Learning Programs

E-learning has become prominent in the workplace, including training programs from external providers. Do you know how to evaluate potential Learning Service Providers? Today’s Advisor gives you solid information from BLR’s presentation “Training Strategies I: E-Learning.” First, consider these facts about this exciting new training method: The use of e-learning in the workplace has grown […]

Electrical Safety Training Requirements for Each Employee Group

May is National Electrical Safety Training Month, which makes it a good time to review your electrical safety training program. Today’s Advisor gives you a refresher on the requirements for each employee group. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) delineates the different types of employees who work with or around electricity and what their […]

Teach Your New Supervisors How to Train Effectively

Do your new supervisors know the importance of training their employees? Do they know the best ways to make their training efforts effective? Today’s Advisor gives you training information to convey to your new supervisors. Training employees is a big part of any supervisor’s job. Whether it’s formal classroom training, safety meetings, on-the-job training, or […]

Mentoring Women: Part 1

In our series of continuing articles recognizing National Mentoring Month, we move from mentoring youth to mentoring women. Today’s Advisor gives expert advice from a former FedEx senior manager. Men generally do a "fantastic job" of helping their male colleagues move up the corporate ladder, but women typically do not, says Thomasina Tafur, a former […]

Train Employees on Mobile Devices and Cloud Technologies

Many of your employees may be getting new mobile devices as gifts this year. And your organization may also be using more mobile technology in conducting your business. But are you providing enough training on mobile technologies? Today’s Advisor reports on a new infographic, which shows that administrative staffers are not being given the training […]

Does Black Friday Put Your Employees in the Red?

A brief training session on financial wellness might be in order before holiday spending gets in full swing. Today’s Advisor gives you a training activity to share with employees. This exercise is appropriate for all employees because its objective is to emphasize key aspects of financial wellness. The training instructions are simple: Have trainees circle […]

Control the Power of Your Lockout/Tagout Training

Authorized employees who service or maintain machinery and equipment need special training on lockout/tagout procedures. Today’s Advisor includes a training exercise that you can use to help train your workers. The information in today’s issue comes from BLR’s PowerPoint® presentation, "Lockout/Tagout—Authorized Employee Training." The objective of the following exercise is to evaluate authorized employees’ understanding […]