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Trump Team says President-elect Wants Oklahoma AG as EPA Head

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team indicated that E. Scott Pruitt, a Republican and the two-term attorney general (AG) of Oklahoma is Trump’s choice to serve as administrator of the EPA. As AG, Pruitt has fought relentlessly against what he perceives to be federal overreach into the rights of the states and has continually expressed the […]

Over 300 Businesses Ask Trump to Keep Paris Agreement

More than 300 companies that identify themselves as members of the “business and investor community of the United States” sent a brief statement to President-elect Donald Trump, affirming their continued support of U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Change Agreement (Paris Agreement) and other government and private sector measures to address climate change.

Running with Rules to the Finish Line

The EPA recently issued its fall 2016 Regulatory Agenda, which lists 49 actions in “final rule stage.” Some of these actions are technical or noncontroversial or intended to reduce compliance burden. But a large number of them will increase or potentially increase regulatory responsibilities either for specific or multiple industrial sectors.

Who Will Influence President-elect Trump?

How much will Donald Trump’s energy and environmental plans for the country be influenced by what others say and want? Given that Trump has never served in a government position—and, therefore, never experienced the outside pressures commonly imposed on public servants—it is difficult to conclude that his actions will be much influenced by any group, […]

President-elect Trump on Environment and Energy

Donald Trump’s dominant victory in the presidential election in conjunction with continued Republican majorities in both houses of Congress is expected to have several levels of impact on U.S. environmental and energy policies. All impacts described are based on statements President-elect Trump has made during the months leading up to the election. Bear in mind […]