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Is Bio-oil Mixed with Motor Oil Used Oil?

Changing environmental situations often requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to revisit policies and interpretations of regulations even if the rules themselves are not amended. A case in point is a 1997 EPA policy that precluded the regulation of bio-oils (e.g., vegetable and animal oils) that have been used as lubricants, or for other […]

Used Oil FAQs

The RCRA used oil management standards can serve as a road map to guide used oil handlers (generators, transporters, burners, marketers, processors, and re-refiners) through the various storage, recordkeeping, and cleanup procedures to ensure used oil is handled safely. The used oil regulations are based on the presumption that used oil (i.e., oil contaminated by […]

Tips for Storing Used Oil in an AST

Used oil generators include all persons who produce used oil through commercial or industrial operations and vehicle services. The regulations exempt household “do-it-yourselfers,” farmers under certain conditions, vessels at sea or at port, and mixtures of used oil and diesel fuel under certain conditions. If used oil is mixed with hazardous waste, it must be managed […]

More on Used Oil Generator Requirements

Used Oil Handler Activities A generator’s used oil activities may subject the generator to the responsibilities of one or more other used oil handler categories. These requirements would be in addition to those required of generators. Other handler categories and the activities that would subject the generator to these additional requirements are: Transporters. Generators who […]

Are You a Used Oil Generator?

Storage Requirements The rules state that generators must not store used oil in units other than tanks, containers, or units regulated under 40 CFR 264 or 40 CFR 265 (40 CFR 279.22(a)). (Tanks include both aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs)). According to EPA, this does not mean that the ASTs or […]

What About Used Oil Manifests?

We pick up used oil in the following states from a variety of generators in a number of states. What are our requirements for providing a manifest to the customers in those states that we pick up the used oil from? Under the federal rules, a hazardous waste manifest does not need to accompany each […]

Good Housekeeping Practices for Used Oil

Although different used oil handlers may have specific requirements, the following requirements are common to all types of handlers. These requirements relate to storage and to cleaning up leaks and spills, as follows. Storage Label all containers and tanks as Used Oil. Keep containers and tanks in good condition. Don’t allow tanks to rust, leak, […]