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EPCRA Lessons Learned

#1. What Went Wrong A California-based poultry company with a facility in Kelso allegedly did not meet the deadline in 2013 for reporting chemicals stored at its facility. The company apparently failed to report that it stored over 500 pounds (lb) each of ammonia and sulfuric acid, and over 10,000 lb each of carbon dioxide, […]

SPCC—Lessons Learned

An oil production company operating in Big Horn County, Wyoming was recently fined for the discharge of approximately 162 barrels of oil into a tributary of a major river. The discharge came from a leak in a pipeline at its pumping facility. The facility is on an onshore oil gathering, pumping, and storage station that […]

RMP—No Release but a Huge Fine Anyway

It’s hard to swallow a huge fine for what might have happened. But, as part of its efforts to comply with the president’s EO to improve safety and security at chemical facilities, the EPA is hunting down companies that are required to develop RMPs but have not even though there has not been a release […]