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Much of White House Infrastructure Request Centers on Environmental Changes

Reforming environmental laws, rules, and policies occupies about a half of President Donald Trump’s Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America. Since moving into the White House, the administration has taken up the call to simplify and speed up the process of conducting environmental reviews of federal actions, including major infrastructure projects, as required under […]

WIFIA Update: Four Projects, $1 Billion

Drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects are beginning to receive loans under the federal government’s 2014 Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA), and we can expect to see additional lending in the coming year. We describe here the background and composition of WIFIA and which types of proposals appear to be receiving interest from […]

Managing Water at Your Facility: Pros and Cons of Recycling and Reuse

Industrial reuse Reclaimed water can be used in industrial applications and facilities, power production, and extraction of fossil fuels. When reclaimed water was first used for industrial purposes (dating back to the first pulp and paper industries), it was generally treated and reused on-site. As water resources in the arid states have become increasingly stressed […]