OSHA’s New Guidance on Safety Incentive Programs

Free Webinar: OSHA’s New Guidance on Safety Incentive Programs


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In late 2018, OSHA released guidance which provided regulatory clarification on the antiretaliation provisions in its electronic recordkeeping rule. In that guidance, OSHA states that it does not prohibit workplace safety incentive programs, and emphasizes that such programs can promote workplace safety and health and only violate OSHA regulations when they are used to penalize employees for reporting a work-related injury or illness.

Because of OSHA’s position before this clarification guidance was released, many employers discontinued their incentive programs due to fear of running afoul of the antiretaliation regulations. In light of the new policy, employers should consider implementing those programs once again, while being mindful of what safeguards should be included in order to remain compliant.

Join us on June 25th with safety expert Abby Ferri, as she explains what you can do to evaluate your organization’s culture to identify incentives that actually work.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess your organization’s culture to identify impactful incentives
  • Interpret OSHA’s new guidance on safety incentive programs
  • Define why an incentive program can be a positive addition to a safety program, and not something to avoid
  • Identify resources to assist with building and implementing a safety incentive program

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