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Create SEGs to Simplify Chemical Exposure Monitoring

How many individual chemicals are workers exposed to in your workplace? How many workers are exposed to those chemicals? How do you keep up with who is exposed to what, and when you need to monitor for each chemical? What about seasonal factors affecting exposures and other changes over time?

Nurses Group Wants Action After Police Incident

You probably recall the incident in which a Salt Lake City Police Department officer forcibly arrested a nurse who refused to let the officer take blood from an unconscious patient. Now, the American Nurses Association (ANA) is calling on the department to conduct a full investigation, make amends to the nurse, and take action to […]

CEQ Looks to Speed Up Infrastructure Projects

Developing a “framework providing for the implementation of One Federal Decision,” is a top item in the Council of Environmental Quality’s (CEQ) list of actions to enhance and modernize the federal environmental review and authorization process for infrastructure projects.

Beyond Cut Resistance: Mechanical Hand Protection Ratings

The 2016 changes to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) 105 and EN 388—the respective U.S. and European standards for third-party testing of protective gloves—focused mostly on updates to cut-resistance test methods and classifications. But cut resistance isn’t the only protective factor workers need from their work gloves. The ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 […]

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5 Steps for Successfully Managing Diversity

Your workforce, your customers, and your markets are increasingly diverse. To promote individual and organizational success, you must welcome diversity and manage it well. These five steps will help you to manage diversity effectively.

Workplace Visitors Sample Policy, Plus 14 Key Points

Every organization should have a policy concerning workplace visitors. These policies not only protect the visitors, they also protect the safety and security of your workplace and your workforce. Allowing strangers to wander through company facilities “at will” poses risks. Not only can workplace visitors distract employees, which could cause an accident, but the visitors […]