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UST Class C Training Checkup

Environment, health and safety (EHS) managers are often tasked with managing underground storage tank (UST) systems. It’s no wonder that with three classes of UST operators to deal with, a recent report shows that the most common violation found during UST inspections involves training. Yesterday we reviewed that report, and today we will offer some tips for training Class C UST operators—those who are on the front line of potential UST spills and releases.


Evaluating Your UST System After a Flood

Recently, the southeastern United States was slammed by a monster storm—Hurricane Matthew. The destructive hurricane created significant storm surges and caused severe flooding along much of the Atlantic coast. When major flooding occurs, underground storage tank (UST) systems can lift out of the ground, rupture, and release oil or other regulated substances. A single UST release can ruin adjacent private property and rack up huge compliance and enforcement costs.