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Announcing AVO Cable U. AVO Training Institute’s New Multi-Purpose Cable Field Lab and New Training Courses.

The Study of Electrical Cable Just Got a Lot Smarter.

DALLAS, TEXAS – August 23, 2016 – After careful planning, design and construction, AVO’s Cable U is here. Located at AVO’s main training location in Dallas, TX, it is designed to accommodate our updated Medium-Voltage Cable Fault Location & Tracing and new Cable Testing & Diagnostics courses. It allows cable technicians the most technologically advanced, real-world, place to train for every electrical cable testing and diagnostic application.


Apps Put Safety at Your Fingertips, Part 2

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere these days, and they have many uses. In a doctor’s office, your medical information is probably on a tablet. In a school, you can find lesson plans and textbooks in tablet formats. But you still may not be getting everything out of these expensive, multifunctional devices that you could be.