Westermans Infographic: Fatal and Non-Fatal Injuries in the Workplace

Westermans International, a UK based welding company, recently put together an infographic about fatal and non-fatal injuries and illness in the workplace. It features statistics about the kinds of diseases and accidents that occur frequently, as well as the industries worst affected. Based on data from the Health and Safety Executive Annual Statistics Report, this […]


GHS Compliance – What it Means for Employers

What are companies going to have to do differently to comply with the new GHS standard over the old HazCom standard? In this video, Kelly Lagana talks to safety legal editor Dave Galt about what OSHA’s new Global Harmonization Standard means for employers.


What You Need to Know About GHS

In this video, Kelly Lagana talks with Dave Galt about the new GHS (Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) standard. Dave Galt is legal editor for BLR’s safety compliance products. Watch the video here: KL: Hi everybody, I’m Kelly Lagana, I’m here with BLR’s Environmental Daily Advisor. Today we’re talking with […]