Reap the Benefits of Web-Based Safety Training

Web-based safety training is a dream come true for safety trainers. It provides consistent and up-to-date information, flexibility, evaluation, and systematic documentation—all at a very affordable price.

There are many advantages to using self-paced, Web-based training, including:

  • Web-based training allows you to present the same content, in exactly the same way, to any number of employees, helping to ensure training consistency.

  • Alternatively, Web-based training allows you to customize training to target the needs of certain groups of employees—or even individual employees.

  • Web-based training programs are cost-effective and are relatively easy to update. You can add or edit supporting documents to update polices, procedures, etc.

  • Web-based training makes it easy to schedule training for shiftworkers, absent workers, and telecommuters.

  • Any number of employees can access training materials at the same time or at different times.

  • Training is available to employees anywhere and at any time that is most convenient for them. Employees in different facilities, across the country or around the world, and in different time zones, can access the training materials whenever they are ready to participate.

  • Web-based training offers just-in-time training capability. For example, employees tackling new tasks can review training materials just before beginning the task. Employees with questions about a topic can easily access online training materials 24/7 to find answers.

The most effective and cost-efficient way to provide safety training to your workforce—Try a demo of BLR’s remarkable new Employee Training Center at no cost or obligation.

Welcome to the BLR Employee Training Center

In yesterday’s Advisor we told you about Johns Manville’s acclaimed safety training program, which holds employees accountable for learning and for using the skills and knowledge they learn in training sessions.

You can emulate Johns Manville’s example using the BLR® Employee Training Center. This Web-based training center provides all the benefits of self-paced, computer-based training right in your own workplace. It also helps ensure that your employees—like Johns Manville’s—will be accountable and use what they’ve learned in training on the job.

Unlike many training solutions available on the market today, BLR courses are routinely reviewed and updated to reflect changes in state or federal regulations or best practices. Each training course is developed by BLR lawyers, industry experts, and instructional designers who have experience across a wealth of industries, topics, and compliance areas.

Courses keep participants interested with engaging audio, built-in exercises, and key points to remember. At the completion of every course, individuals take a quiz designed to test for competency in all the course materials presented. Quiz results and course completion times are automatically recorded.

Every course can be supplemented with supporting and custom documents. BLR provides supporting documents for courses that include complete slide show notes and the answer key for the included quiz. As the administrator, you have the option of displaying uploaded documents and requiring review before the session begins. This is especially useful for company policies or worksite-specific information. Supporting materials can be added, edited, or removed at any time.

Unlimited training—one low cost. Demo the new Employee Training Center. There’s no cost or obligation.

With only a few minutes’ setup, your company will have a complete Web-based training program with professionally developed courses, employee testing capabilities, and systematic documentation of employee training sessions and scores. And remember, BLR Employee Training Center courses can be delivered at individual employee desks, in computer centers, at training kiosks, or even in a classroom.

No wonder BLR’s Employee Training Center was named the 2009 "Best Workforce Training Solution" by the Software Information Industry Association. It can help you launch a cost-effective and successful employee training program.

We urge you to sign up for a no-obligation demo by visiting the Employee Training Center.

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