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OSHA Says You Can Prevent Violence

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OSHA Says You Can Prevent Violence

Workplace violence incidents seem so unpredictable that it’s hard to believe that anything can be done to prevent them. Yet, that is exactly what OSHA and NIOSH are saying in their latest recommendations to employers for preventive measures. See how your security controls stack up against this checklist:

  • Physical barriers such as bullet-resistant enclosures, pass-through windows, or deep service counters
  • Alarm systems, panic buttons
  • Convex mirrors, elevated vantage points, clear visibility of service and cash register areas
  • Bright and effective lighting
  • Adequate staffing
  • Arrangement of furniture to prevent entrapment
  • Cash-handling controls, use of drop safes
  • Height markers on exit doors
  • Emergency procedures to use in case of robbery
  • Training in identifying hazardous situations and appropriate responses in emergencies
  • Video surveillance equipment and closed circuit TV
    • Establish liaison with local police

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