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Water Regs and Permits to Watch Out for in 2012

Legal Editor Amanda Czepiel says that in the beginning of 2012, we will see EPA issue the 2012 Stormwater Construction General Permit (CGP). It will include a number of changes due to the implementation of the Construction and Development Rule, as well as changes to the appearance of the permit, new requirements for site inspections, and the new requirement that EPA’s Notice of Intent electronic process (eNOI) be used to obtain permit coverage.

Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) will continue to be in the news, and we can expect more regulations from the states and scientific studies on impacts to groundwater and drinking water sources from EPA.

EPA will finalize a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) reporting rule in mid-to-late 2012. The final rule will allow EPA to obtain facility-specific information to help address water quality concerns related to CAFOs.

Last, EPA will be finalizing the cooling water intake structure rule by July 2012. This rule affects existing power plants and manufacturing facilities that generate electricity or manufacture other goods and that also withdraw at least 2 million gallons per day of cooling water.

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