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Cost-Sharing for PREP Spill Response Exercises

Who participates in PREP?

PREP is a voluntary program. Participation in PREP will satisfy the exercise requirements of the Coast Guard, EPA, DOT, and MMS and, therefore, is applicable to their regulated communities.

If an FRP Plan holder does not choose to follow the PREP Guidelines, the Plan holder must meet the exercise requirements mandated by the federal agency with regulatory oversight for the specific type of industry.

Each participant, industry, and government pays for its participation in the exercise. To reduce the cost to industry, PREP encourages multiple industries to participate in an exercise. In addition to cost-sharing, industries have the opportunity to work together during a non-crisis event and become better acquainted with one another’s response capabilities.

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Getting Credit for an Actual Spill Response

If the spill response was evaluated in accordance with the PREP Guidelines, the Plan holder may take credit for an exercise. Following the PREP Guidelines, the Plan holders should determine which exercises were conducted, which components of the response plan were evaluated, and then document them. Credit may be given to a Plan holder for an area if the:

  • Response plan was utilized in an actual spill response
  • Response involved the entire response community
  • Response met the objectives of the area exercise
  • Response was properly documented and certified

The National Scheduling Coordinating Committee (NSCC) is responsible for authorizing credit for an area exercise. The NSCC is composed of representatives from the USCG, EPA, DOT, and MMS. The decision regarding credit will be based on the recommendations of the on-scene coordinator and appropriate USCG District/EPA Regional Office.

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How to Volunteer for an Exercise

If your company is interested in participating in a government-led area exercise or leading an industry- led area exercise you should contact either you area Captain of the Port of the Coast Guard or your  EPA regional office.

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