Keys to Writing Really Good FRP Lesson Plans

Yesterday, we talked about specific training requirements and the personnel that have to be trained on your FRP.  This means you have to develop lesson plans for your training with very specific requirements.
What Your FRP Lesson Plans Should Include

Your training must have specific lesson plans on subject areas relevant to your facility’s personnel involved in oil spill response and cleanup. You should identify facility personnel responsible for performing specific procedures to mitigate or prevent a discharge or potential discharge and identify the response resources for worst-case discharges.

Employees should be provided with a list of personnel who would be involved in the cleanup. You also have to keep training records, such as drill logs, tabletop exercise logs, response training logs, and/or discharge prevention meeting logs and included it in the FRP.

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But that’s not all. In addition, the facility owner or operator must also develop a program of facility response drills and exercises, including program evaluation procedures. A program that follows the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) is satisfactory for purposes of this section. An alternative program may also be acceptable, on approval by EPA.

Training for Response-Related Procedures

Here is a list of oil spill response-related procedures your facility personnel must know:

  • Notification requirements and procedures
  • Communication system(s) used for the notifications
  • Mitigation or prevention of any discharge or substantial threat of a discharge of oil resulting from the following scenarios:
    • Tank overfill
    • Manifold, mechanical loading arm, or other transfer equipment failure
    • Tank rupture
    • Piping or pipeline rupture
    • Piping or pipeline leak, both under pressure and not under pressure
    • Explosion or fire
    • Equipment failure
    • Power outage and restart
    • Secondary containment system failure

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  • Transfer of responsibility for direction of response activities from facility personnel to the spill management team
  • Operational capabilities of the contracted oil spill removal organizations and the procedures o notify or activate such organizations
  • Contracting and ordering procedures to acquire oil spill removal equipment
  • The Area Contingency Plans
  • Organizational structures that will be used to manage the response actions
  • Responsibilities and duties of the spill management team members in accordance with designated job responsibilities
  • Responsibilities and authority of the QI as described in the FRP and company response organization plan
  • Responsibilities of designated individuals to initiate a response and to supervise response resources
  • Actions to take, in accordance with designated job responsibilities, in the event of a transfer system leak, tank overflow, or suspected cargo tank or hull leak
  • Information on the cargoes handled by the vessel or facility

Training To Engage Learners

Unlike many training solutions available on the market today, BLR’s Employee Training Center courses are highly engaging and interactive. They are also routinely reviewed and updated to reflect changes in federal regulations or best practices. Each training course is developed by BLR lawyers, industry experts, and instructional designers who have experience across a wealth of industries, topics, and compliance areas.

Courses keep participants interested with engaging audio, built-in exercises, and key points to remember. At the completion of every course, individuals take a quiz designed to test for competency in all the course material presented. Quiz results and course completion times are automatically recorded.

Every course can be tailored with supporting and custom documents. BLR provides supporting documents for courses that include complete slide show notes and the answer key for the included quiz. As the administrator, you have the option of displaying uploaded documents and requiring review before the session begins. This is especially useful for company policies or worksite-specific information. Supporting materials can be added, edited, or removed at any time.

With only a few minutes’ setup, you company will have a complete Web-based training program with professionally developed courses, employee testing capabilities, and systematic documentation of employee training sessions and scores. And remember, BLR Employee Training Center courses can be delivered at individual employee desks, in computer centers, at training kiosks, or even in a classroom.

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