Special Topics in Environmental Management

Modifying Your SWPPP for the 2012 Stormwater General Permit

It is important that the SWPPP be accurate in terms of changes to construction plans, stormwater controls, changes in operational control, and other important changes on the site, so that your facility personnel have access to a SWPPP that is current, and so that inspectors are provided with accurate site information for compliance purposes.

Here are the conditions under the construction general permit in which you may have to modify your SWPPP (including the site map(s)):

1. Whenever new operators become active in construction activities on the site, or changes are made to the construction plans, stormwater control measures, pollution prevention measures, or other activities at the site that are no longer accurately reflected in the SWPPP. This includes changes made in response to certain corrective actions. The permittee is not required to modify the SWPPP if the estimated dates as described in Part 7.2.5 of the permit change during the course of construction;

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2. To reflect areas on the site map where operational control has been transferred (and the date of transfer) since initiating permit coverage;

3. If inspections or investigations by site staff, or by local, state, tribal, or federal officials determine that SWPPP modifications are necessary for compliance with the permit;

4. Where EPA determines it is necessary to impose additional requirements on the discharge. If EPA makes such a determination, you’ll have to add the following in the SWPPP:

• A copy of any correspondence describing such requirements; and
• A description of the stormwater control measures that will be used to meet such requirements.

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5. To reflect any revisions to applicable federal, state, tribal, or local requirements that affect the stormwater control measures implemented at the site; and

6. If applicable, if a change in chemical treatment systems or chemically-enhanced stormwater controls is made, including use of a different treatment chemical, different dosage, or different area of application.

SWPPP modification deadline: EPA’s not giving you too much time to update your SWPPP. Permittees only have 7 days to complete their revisions to the SWPPP.