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Top 7 Environmental Daily Advisor Articles: SPCC Edition

After a Spill: SPCC Notice and Amendment Requirements

Under SPCC regulations, if your facility has discharged more than 1,000 U.S. gal of oil in a single discharge, or 42 U.S. gal of oil in two separate discharges occurring within any 12-month period, you are required to submit a notice regarding that spill to your applicable EPA administrator within 60 days of the spill or release. What must be included in the spill or discharge notice? Read on to find out.

What Confuses Everybody About Secondary Containment

Think you’re the only environmental manager that gets confused by secondary containment? Well—you’re not. Here are BLR editors’ most frequently asked questions on secondary containment.

Your Facility Could Be Exempt from SPCC Requirements

Although more than 600,000 facilities are subject to EPA’s SPCC regulations, there are certain facilities, and portions of facilities, that are exempt from the SPCC requirements. Do any of these apply to you?

$6k SPCC Fine and There Wasn’t Even a Spill!

EPA recently fined an Arkansas company a total of $6,000 for numerous SPCC regulation violations at three of its oil production facilities. Even though the company didn’t have a spill event, it still managed to find itself on EPA‘s inspection radar.

FAQs for Amending Your SPCC Plan

If you have an SPCC plan, EPA requires you to review your plan at least every 5 years. This review gives you an opportunity to see if you plan needs amending based on more effective prevention and control technology. Here are some frequently asked questions on amending your SPCC plan.

EPA Gets Serious About SPCC Inspections

EPA isn’t hiding the fact that it is hammering away at facilities that are deemed to have inadequate oil spill plans. In one recent settlement, a Pennsylvania-based oil company paid a $25,347 penalty for alleged violations of oil spill prevention regulations at one of their oil storage facilities.

Security Requirements of Your SPCC Plan

If you are required to have an SPCC plan, part of that plan has to address the security procedures for your facility. It’s just a small part of your overall SPCC plan—but it’s an important part and you can bet plan inspectors will be looking for it if they stop by. Here’s everything you need to know about the security section of your SPCC plan.


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