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Do You Have What It Takes to Work 3 Million Safe Hours?

Poultry producers have had their share of run-ins with OSHA, but a Wayne Farms, LLC, site is getting attention for a more positive reason. The company’s Enterprise, Alabama, site recently celebrated 3 million hours worked without a lost-time accident. Keep reading to learn how they did it.

Getting there is no accident, says Wayne Farms Enterprise Operations Manager Tom Mallalieu. He said the key is for workers to take responsibility for their own safety, watch out for one another, take the time to make recommendations, and ensure that their ideas get attention.

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Boost Safety Awareness

The poultry processor says it has improved safety performance with ideas like these. Could they work at your site?:

  • Safety observers. More than 60 specially trained volunteers watch for safe practices or unsafe situations as they work. Their observations are incorporated into a weekly management safety review meeting.
  • Safety light. Each day employees are greeted with a color-coded light—a red, yellow, or green light that describes the general safety posture of the plant that day and indicates the need to pay attention to a particular issue.

Other employers’ ideas for improving safety awareness include:

  • Name a safety champion. One employee in each work area receives special training and serves as the department’s go-to safety liaison.
  • Build safety into employee communications. In every employee contact—from e-mails to paycheck stuffers to newsletters—focus on safety with a simple but meaningful message.
  • Tell it straight. Many employers find that employees take safety to heart when they know the real financial impact of injuries and illnesses. Consider sharing this bottom line information during an all-hands safety meeting.

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Ready-Made Checklists

Here’s another way to prevent accidents and lost-time injuries. To help you work 3 million safe hours or more, BLR’s 2013 edition of Safety Audit Checklists provides safety and health checklists on more than 50 essential workplace topics.

Each Safety Audit Checklists section contains:

  • A review of applicable OSHA standards
  • No recent lift safety and function inspections
  • Training requirements
  • At least one comprehensive safety checklist

Many sections also contain a compliance checklist, which highlights key provisions of OSHA standard. All checklists can be copied and circulated to supervisors and posted for employees.

All told, this best-selling program provides you with more than 300 separate safety checklists keyed to three main criteria:

  • OSHA compliance checklists, built right from the government standards in such key areas as HazCom, lockout/tagout, electrical safety, and many more.
  • “Plaintiff attorney” checklists, built around those non-OSHA issues that often attract lawsuits.
  • Safety management checklists that monitor the administrative procedures you need to have for topics such as OSHA 300 Log maintenance, training program scheduling and recording, and OSHA-required employee notifications. 

Make as many copies as you need for all your supervisors and managers, and distribute. What’s more, the entire program is updated annually. And the cost averages only about $1 per checklist.

If this method of ensuring a safer, more OSHA-compliant workplace interests you, we’ll be happy to make Safety Audit Checklists available for a no-cost, no-obligation, 30-day evaluation in your office. Just let us know and we’ll be pleased to arrange it.


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